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WIIN is the platform dedicated to multi-program management. Ideal for working alone or in teams to save time and optimize decisions while creating a unique user experience. Information gathering, application management, file review, teamwork, real-time reporting, secure data management - all on one platform.

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Collect requests online in whatever format you need. Design a single information path and centralize all your needs.


Alone or in a team, automate repetitive tasks and improve your programs with versatile, time-saving tools.


Coordinate the review of the information you have collected, quickly and fairly, from anywhere.


View and analyze at any time the requests, information or applications you collect via your WIIN platform.

Quality interfaces to improve engagement

A simple, beautiful and intuitive process

The public interfaces that WIIN allows you to create are incredible! Configurable, to your image, they propose a fluid and dynamic application process and guide the candidate through all the steps of the application process.

An access to allow the applicant to modify his file at any time

The applicant can modify himself the information of his file until the closing of the platform, at the time of his application, he registers on your platform and has access to come back and complete his information until the final sending.

Security and real time

The information entered by the candidate is recorded in real time. No more risk of losing information, no more connection problems. The environment is designed for this.

Program features
Renforcez l'accessibilité de votre processus de collecte d'informations

Build a better experience for your applicants

Bring your programs to life more efficiently - no coding required. Collect exactly the information you need, in the format you want, while creating an excellent and accessible application experience.

Collect all types of content
Guided application process
Notifications and alerts
Automatic information backup
Interface features
Renforcez l'accessibilité et proposez une expérience répondant de qualité.

Manage everything on a single platform

Whether you have one program or many, whether you are alone or in a team, centralize your entire workflow and save considerable time. Keep a constant eye on the documents and information you collect and consult them wherever you are. Create new programs according to your needs and use our tools to communicate and create engagement.

Manage your team members and their rights
Save significant time
Get organized more efficiently
A secure environment
Team features
Gérez tous vos programmes dans une même interface

Make the right decisions with a unified review process

Review applications quickly and fairly, wherever you are, even with large teams and mountains of files. WIIN makes reviewing easy, create custom review criteria, invite reviewers and share your instructions with them.

Design customized examination forms
Anonymize the information of your choice
Allow remote collaboration
Follow in real time the progress of the examinations
Examination features
Examinez l'ensemble des informations collectées, seul ou en équipe.

Real-time statistics to maximize your impact

You have access to a complete dashboard with detailed and real time application statistics for each of your programs, in order to facilitate the follow-up of applications and improve your communication/promotion strategy.

Import and export all your data
Messaging and FAQs for respondents
Create tags to enhance your statistics
Connect your platform with your services
Information features
Visualisez toutes les statistiques en temps réel.
WIIN allows us to manage, as a team, several simultaneous actions, notably the management of applications for our events, the continuous opening of recruitment offers and the creation of forms to collect files and information on our respondents.
Marie V.
Operations Manager - ETEL Group
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Powerful features, intuitive platform

Take advantage of powerful features that help you and your team streamline your application and information gathering process while maximizing your impact, from the first application to final reporting.

Incredible application interfaces

Present all your actions to the public

WIIN allows you to create private or public thematic directories. With this, you can gather in the same space, several of your programs. So, share this page to make your actions shine.

Present your programs

Each of your programs can have a dedicated public page. Explain how to respond, add instructions and information (FAQs, downloadable documents, contacts, etc.) and simply share the page or link it to your website.

Intuitive application process

We've built interfaces that combine simplicity, design and advanced user experience to keep your respondents engaged in your processes. You have to see it to believe it.

Respondent Account

On your platform, respondents to your programs create an account. This allows them to fill out your forms multiple times, make corrections and respond to multiple programs at the same time. On your side, you know who is doing what live.

Completion assistance

Respondents are guided through the entire response process, an information module guides them through the required questions and you can even offer to download specific attachments to complete and return to you.

White Label

All your public interfaces are white-labeled, which means that nobody can know that you are using WIIN. You add your logo, your domain name and you can customize all the content of the pages.


Configure your interfaces and the entire respondent journey in the languages of your choice. With WIIN, open up to the world simply.

Notifications and alerts

You can set up email notifications and alerts to track your respondents' progress. Respondents receive a summary email at each step of their progress until the final submission. Using their unique application number, there can be no mistakes.

Automatic backup and responsiveness

All information submitted online by your respondents is automatically saved in real time. This avoids losing data and allows the respondent to move forward in the response process wherever they are. The entire platform is designed to adapt to any type of connection around the world.


The ergonomics are designed to allow anyone, regardless of age or affinity with computers, to fill in all the information you request on their own and to send you their application in complete autonomy.

Messaging and FAQ

Design an FAQ that everyone can see to anticipate your respondents' questions and to share information with as many people as possible in order to clarify how to answer your forms.

Public or private

You can make your programs public by allowing anyone who has their URL or access to your interfaces to be able to respond, or you can choose to password protect access to certain programs to filter who can respond.

Simplified program management

Intuitive form design

For each of your programs, whatever the use, you can set up a unique response path and associate forms to collect the required information. It's extremely simple, you don't need to know how to code or have special computer skills, anyone can do it.

Multi-program management

Recruiting programs, calls for projects, application management, event registration, online filing, document collection, national or international programs, etc. You can manage everything on the same platform and segment access for each person on your team so you don't mix it up.

Opening and closing

For each of your programs, if necessary, you can configure opening and closing dates for applications in order to respect your objectives and your schedule. All this in a totally automated way. Close to the end, send email reminders to respondents who are still in the process.

Customized forms

WIIN's FormBuilder is very easy to use. Choose from pre-designed questions or create your own custom questions. Easy, isn't it?


For each program, add one or more response categories, this is very useful if you want to address different audiences or if your program has specific themes. If this is not clear, the best thing to do is to show it to you in a demonstration.

An improved response process.

The response flow of your respondents is designed to fit your program, choose a specific number of steps, decide for each step if the respondent must answer a form, read a text, confirm an information or proceed to a payment.

Real time tracking

As soon as a referee advances in their application process, their status evolves on the platform. At any time, you can find out where all your referees are at and commit them to progressing through the application process until their application is finally submitted.

Free payment management

If your program requires payment, add a payment step in the respondent's journey. Set up the terms and rates and make sure the payment is effective for the respondent to move forward in the journey. WIIN does not charge any fees on the payments you collect!

Team collaboration

Alone or with others

Whether you are a single person managing one program or a team spread over several sites managing hundreds of programs, WIIN has been designed to meet your needs and provide an efficient and secure environment.

Secure remote access

Work wherever you are, connect to your platform from anywhere in the world and at any time. The advantage of SaaS management is its great flexibility and security of access at any time.

Rights and Roles

On your platform, there are several rights. This goes from the administrator who has access to all the programs to the observer who can only consult certain information in certain programs and the manager who can only act on the content of the programs that you have assigned to him.

Invite team members

At any time and without limits, you can invite members of your team on the platform directly from your interface. See if they have logged in and assign them the right rights to operate on your programs.

Work with several people at the same time

Anyone on your team with access can log in to your platform at any time and at the same time to work with, view, sort, edit, review, export or share the information you collect.

Search & sort

To facilitate your work, search and sorting tools according to several criteria are available and allow you to segment the information to access your request.

Information management

Real time statistics

View all your program statistics in real time, including respondent progress, question responses, respondent distribution by various criteria, etc.

Structured data export

Your data is your sole property, you can export at any time and in a structured way all the information you have collected.

Secure connection to your systems

Your WIIN platform can connect with your management systems using our integrations whether it is your email tool, your CRM or any other service that you use and that it would make sense to connect to your platform.

Safety is our priority

We are particularly concerned about the security of your information. We use the best cloud services to store your information and can go even further by creating your own database. Let's talk about it.


WIIN respects your data and allows you to respect your respondents' data. At any time, you may be able to permanently delete collected information to meet the request of your respondents and respect their rights.

Pooling means strengthening

Our service is SaaS (software as a service) which means that all the improvements we make, all the features we add and all the maintenance we do instantly benefit all our customers, without restriction. No more obsolete interfaces and hidden maintenance costs.

Review and evaluation

Customized criteria

If you need to review multiple applications, you can design structured review sessions by designing your evaluation grids with different criteria that have a specific number of points.

Scoring and ranking

In real time and as your team progresses through the examinations, view the ranking of your candidates according to the number of points they have been awarded.


During your evaluation sessions, for more impartiality, you can decide to make the candidates' records anonymous. Only the unique application number will appear, so you can proceed with any type of evaluation with any type of examiner.

Assignment to reviewers

During examination sessions, assign the candidates of your choice to the examiners of your choice to distribute the workload evenly and optimize your work.

Remote examination

Examiners can work anywhere in the world at any time. There are no limits to inviting reviewers and getting global expertise on your candidates.

Dedicated interface for reviewers

Reviewers have a dedicated interface that allows them to see only the candidates they have been assigned. They do not have access to your program and platform settings. It's very simple for them and very secure for you.

A controlled examination time

For each exam session, you can set up a set time for your reviewers to mobilize and respect your schedule. Guide your reviewers by sharing your information and review criteria.

Progress in real time

On your side, visualize live the progress of the examinations, observe the evolutionary ranking of the candidates and the progress of each examiner in the files that you have assigned to them.

A small technical point


The WIIN system is designed on a secure API which gives a great flexibility of use and offers the possibility to consider any type of connection with your IT systems for the most demanding customers.


Your platform easily connects to any type of third-party service you decide to associate with to exchange information. This way, your data is never blocked and you can use it for all your needs.

Your data, only your data

Any information you collect is solely your property. WIIN is only a service provider and we have no rights to use your data. This is our strength and you can rest easy with that.


We are particularly concerned about the security of your information. We use the best cloud services to store your information and can go even further by creating your own database. Let's talk about it.

Customized developments

For the most demanding and imaginative, we can think about developing custom features. This happens regularly and when a feature is really interesting, we make it available to all our customers.

Maintenance and continuous evolution

Our service is SaaS (software as a service) which means that all the improvements we make, all the features we add and all the maintenance we do instantly benefit all our customers, without restriction. No more obsolete interfaces and hidden maintenance costs.

A continuous accompaniment

A dedicated project manager, within our team, will accompany you throughout the use of our services. From the upstream reflection to the closing of your initiative.

Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and set up an exchange.

We will discuss with you the details and specifics of your program.

We set up your programs for you by adapting for a smooth transition.

We organize the handling of the solution in order to allow you to start serenely.

We remain available throughout your use of the platform, if you have any questions.

After the closing, we organize a review of your programs and reflect together on your next action.

Safety is certainly our highest priority

Built on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, WIIN includes privacy and security features ideal for protecting data for both administrators and candidates.


It's easy to get started!

See for yourself why many organizations use WIIN. Get a personalized demonstration of our application management and information gathering software by one of our project managers. It's easy and without obligation!

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