Whatever your sector of activity, WIIN allows you to efficiently manage several types of internal and external actions.

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Le partage des visuels et documents volumineux est largement facilité et les candidats reçoivent un accusé de réception dès que leur dossier est complet.
Marie Alix Roussotte
Directrice Communication & Digital
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The right tools for your work

Part online form builder, part workflow and reporting tool, WIIN is simple enough to be adopted by any team, powerful enough for every process.

Discover how it works

Collect requests online in any format. Design a single information path and centralize all your needs.


Alone or in a team, automate repetitive tasks and improve your programs with versatile, time-saving tools.


Coordinate the review of the information you have collected, quickly and fairly, from anywhere.


View and analyze at any time the requests, information or applications you collect via your WIIN platform.

Safety is certainly our highest priority

Built on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, WIIN includes privacy and security features ideal for protecting data for both administrators and candidates.


It's easy to get started!

See for yourself why many organizations use WIIN. Get a personalized demonstration of our application management and information gathering software by one of our project managers. It's easy and without obligation!

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