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Challenges & Contests

Select the best participants through your Contest or Challenge. Manage multiple categories simultaneously and facilitate your juries.

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Hundreds of organizations use WIIN

Why WIIN ?

WIIN brings everything together so you can reach your goals faster. Quick to implement, easy to use and adapts to all your needs. Discover this in video :

Solution from A to Z

From the first online request to the final analysis, WIIN is the ideal solution.

Intuitive and powerful

Simple enough for any team to adopt, powerful enough for any process.

Get your team together

In person or remotely, work alone or in teams on all your programs.

A support at your service

Our project managers are always there to support you.

It's easy to get started!

See for yourself why many organizations use WIIN. Get a personalized demonstration of our application management and information gathering software by one of our project managers. It's easy and without obligation!

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The right tools for your work

Part online form builder, part workflow and reporting tool, WIIN is simple enough to be adopted by any team, powerful enough for every process.

Discover how it works

Collect requests online in any format. Design a single information path and centralize all your needs.


Alone or in a team, automate repetitive tasks and improve your programs with versatile, time-saving tools.


Coordinate the review of the information you have collected, quickly and fairly, from anywhere.


View and analyze at any time the requests, information or applications you collect via your WIIN platform.

Quality interfaces to improve engagement

A simple, beautiful and intuitive process

The public interfaces that WIIN allows you to create are incredible! Configurable, to your image, they propose a fluid and dynamic application process and guide the candidate through all the steps of the application process.

An access to allow the applicant to modify his file at any time

The applicant can modify himself the information of his file until the closing of the platform, at the time of his application, he registers on your platform and has access to come back and complete his information until the final sending.

Security and real time

The information entered by the candidate is recorded in real time. No more risk of losing information, no more connection problems. The environment is designed for this.

Program features
Renforcez l'accessibilité de votre processus de collecte d'informations

Build a better experience for your applicants

Bring your programs to life more efficiently - no coding required. Collect exactly the information you need, in the format you want, while creating an excellent and accessible application experience.

Collect all types of content
Guided application process
Notifications and alerts
Automatic information backup
Interface features
Renforcez l'accessibilité et proposez une expérience répondant de qualité.

Manage everything on a single platform

Whether you have one program or many, whether you are alone or in a team, centralize your entire workflow and save considerable time. Keep a constant eye on the documents and information you collect and consult them wherever you are. Create new programs according to your needs and use our tools to communicate and create engagement.

Manage your team members and their rights
Save significant time
Get organized more efficiently
A secure environment
Team features
Gérez tous vos programmes dans une même interface

Make the right decisions with a unified review process

Review applications quickly and fairly, wherever you are, even with large teams and mountains of files. WIIN makes reviewing easy, create custom review criteria, invite reviewers and share your instructions with them.

Design customized examination forms
Anonymize the information of your choice
Allow remote collaboration
Follow in real time the progress of the examinations
Examination features
Examinez l'ensemble des informations collectées, seul ou en équipe.

Real-time statistics to maximize your impact

You have access to a complete dashboard with detailed and real time application statistics for each of your programs, in order to facilitate the follow-up of applications and improve your communication/promotion strategy.

Import and export all your data
Messaging and FAQs for respondents
Create tags to enhance your statistics
Connect your platform with your services
Information features
Visualisez toutes les statistiques en temps réel.

A continuous accompaniment

A dedicated project manager, within our team, will accompany you throughout the use of our services. From the upstream reflection to the closing of your initiative.

Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and set up an exchange.

We will discuss with you the details and specifics of your program.

We set up your programs for you by adapting for a smooth transition.

We organize the handling of the solution in order to allow you to start serenely.

We remain available throughout your use of the platform, if you have any questions.

After the closing, we organize a review of your programs and reflect together on your next action.

Safety is certainly our highest priority

Built on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, WIIN includes privacy and security features ideal for protecting data for both administrators and candidates.


It's easy to get started!

See for yourself why many organizations use WIIN. Get a personalized demonstration of our application management and information gathering software by one of our project managers. It's easy and without obligation!

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