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With, focus on your public interfaces and create an environment that enhances your actions and your brand image while providing an optimal user experience to your audiences.


From your portal, you can collect any type of information easily, create custom paths, add specific questions and steps and receive all the necessary information in a smooth and secure way.


Automate all repetitive tasks, based on your users' actions, send emails, sort applications, add tags, trigger actions. No more wasted time, you can focus on the essentials.


Collaborate as a team on all your initiatives, divide tasks, work asynchronously from wherever you want, add roles based on each person's rights and much more.


View the performance of your actions in real time, report effortlessly and adjust the sliders to maximize your efficiency. Our goal is to provide a service that is a real added value for you.


From your dedicated interface, view all the files and applications you have received, add tags, comments, create evaluation sessions and organize your work to maximize your impact.

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" allowed us to deploy an online portal in a few weeks to collect, analyse and label information from thousands of companies around the world. "

Emmanuelle Beros

Innovation Director, Ministry of Health

"Considering the gains offered by the service, we decided to implement a portal and to dematerialize 14 internal and external processes"

Jack M. Ronnie

Operations Manager, Sypher

We have dematerialised all our online forms and our teams analyse projects directly from our portal.

Maxim de lagrage

Finance & Grants op., Kales & Kalers

Two strategic poles of Oriale use to operate actions of reception of applications and selection of candidates.

Marie Delgotte

CMO, Oriale

Discover all the ways to use

Our customers use to manage a wide range of actions with efficiency

Education & Teaching

In person or remotely, create maximum added value by facilitating the exchange with your audiences.

Top Use cases:
Évaluation & examen
Grants and scholarships
Registration & Enrolment
Selection Committees

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in your actions and to share their ideas with you.

Top Use cases:
Hackathons & Challenges
Calls for projects & ideas
File reception
Contests, Awards, Trophies

Application management

Centralize in a single collaborative and secure space all your actions that require receiving applications.

Top Use cases:
Calls for projects & ideas
File reception
Évaluation & examen
Information collection

Sponsorship & Philanthropy

Receive all your funding requests in a centralized space and process each application efficiently.

Top Use cases:
Calls for projects & ideas
Grants and scholarships
Submissions & applications
Residency Program

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A secure portal, enhancing your brand image and promoting your initiatives is white label and very customizable, this means that all your interfaces are at your image and become a strong communication and visibility support. Your audiences will be able to exchange with you in a quality environment, dematerialized and which values the user experience.

Wiin dashboard
Wiin dashboard

Multiple uses in a collaborative environment is a tool that has been built over several years and that allows to manage a multitude of initiatives in a centralized and collaborative way. Work directly with your teams and partners, together gain efficiency and optimize your actions.

Powerful and easy-to-use features.

Ergonomics and user experience are at the center of our preoccupations. Tables, Views, Statistics, Formbuilder, Evaluation, Jury, File analysis, etc. Everything is designed for you.

Wiin dashboard

Integrate with your other services
and design an incredible ecosystem

Design your optimal work organization

Collect qualitatively and efficiently all the information necessary for your initiative. Organize, sort, visualize and identify strong elements directly from the platform.

If you want to go even further (long-term project management, specific methodologies, etc.), then connect your platform with your everyday tools such as, Airtable, Jira, Trello, Excel and many more. is complementary to your existing work environment, start now!

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