Conduct your selection committees or engage your audiences in your choices has several features to help you make decisive choices. Invite reviewers, organize selection committees, design public votes, add tags, etc.

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Invitation of members

Invite your committee members, in a secure way, on your portal.

Thanks to their personal account, they can log in at any time on a dedicated and easy-to-use workspace so that they can focus on the essential: study the most relevant applications, without being confused.

Whatever your committee members' comfort level with computing, their space has been designed to be user-friendly for everyone (really everyone!). They are guided during the whole process and it doesn't require complex training or a long tutorial.

File sharing

You can create as many committees as you want to best fit your usual process: by category, by committee member specialty, or by selection steps.

In each committee, add applications and members and assign them as you need them: give all committee members access to all applications or distribute the workload according.

For each session, select the record information and features you want to share with your committee members. Do you want committee members to have access to all application information, or would you prefer to hide personal or administrative information? Can members see each other's ratings or do you want to keep it confidential so they don't influence each other?

So many possibilities, which allow you to manage your committees according to your specificities.

Selection criteria

You can decide to just share the files with your committee members or activate the selection criteria that will allow them to evaluate the application directly on your portal.

In person or remotely, you can create selection criteria to invite your committee members to rate the applications according to your analysis framework:

- Scored criteria, for example "Rate the feasibility of the project", on a scale from 1 to 10, which will allow you to make a ranking
- Closed criteria, for example "What is your assessment of the project?", with a "favorable" option and an ""unfavorable"" option, in order to classify the projects into two groups
- Open criteria, for example "Comment on the file", with a free text field, to share feedback with the applicant

Automatically centralize the feedback on each file and select the most relevant ones in a transparent and appropriate way.

Public Voting

Engage your audience and create commitment to your action by launching a public voting session.

Present your selected applications as thumbnails within a gallery, selecting the key information of the application you want to present.

Choose how many votes each person can give and collect the votes in a secure way by sharing a confirmation code to the voter's email address. Promote the selected projects and capitalize on your action by adding the voters to your mailing lists.

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