Statistics & Monitoring

Easily visualize KPIs of your program and follow each action in a controlled way.

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Global vision of the portal

Monitor the actions of your portal: follow the number of applications completed for all your programs, individually or globally, analyze your use of seats and e-mails to better control your costs and manage the actions of your team.

Create your statistics to follow the specific KPIs to your actions and design reports that reflect them to allow you to follow-up daily.

Dashboard of each program

Monitor each programs precisely thanks to a summary dashboard containing all the KPIs.

Track the progression of the number of applications in progress, pending or finalized, to anticipate your team's next tasks: communication campaign, follow-up of unfinalized applications or organization of the selection stage.

Analyze the information collection process and easily identify the steps that generate friction.

Analysis and evaluation of files

View all the scores and ratings collected during the evaluation sessions. Select the most relevant files or reject those that are less relevant.

Follow the statistics and analysis of each committee and export the whole data in one click.

Activity log

All the internal and external actions of the platform are logged continuously to ensure that no data is lost.

Easily filter all tracked actions at each levels: portal, program and individual application.

In case of conflict, you can export time-stamped and non-falsifiable proof to assert your rights.

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