An intuitive and unique platform to dematerialize your information collection processes

Deploy your online portal easily, collect any type of information step by step and use it in a collaborative way.

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A solution adapted to all sizes and types of organizations

The power of an internal platform with the incredible visibility of a public portal

Forget everything you know about the process of receiving information.
With, reinvent the experience of your initiatives on your public portal and optimize all the steps of your management on your collaborative platform.

Your own internal platform

Your public portal

Secure & collaborative environment

Centralize and visualize all your initiatives

Incredible features to leverage your data

Easy to use and easy to learn

Management of team members' rights and roles

Your internal platform is your interface to efficiently manage all your initiatives.

Launch several programs, make the settings of your choice, create as many data collection paths as you need and use all the features at your disposal to make your work even more efficient (form builder, statistics, reports, online visualization, tables & views, tags, connections, online evaluation, public voting, data exports, etc.) your day-to-day work has never been so easy!

Accessible and ergonomic interfaces

100% white label

User account management

Multi-program presentation

Multi-support display (PC, tablet, phone...)

Your public portal is a mini web site 100% in your image allowing you to create a bridge between your initiatives and your public.

As a replacement or complement to a dedicated website, your users create an account on your portal and move through your process online. A qualitative environment with an emphasis on accessibility to increase the involvement of your audience.
Share your pages, exchange with your users, master your brand identity and facilitate your communication.

Compose the ideal
information gathering scenario is extremely easy to use, you design the ideal online path for the initiative you are piloting. It's fast, visual, intuitive and very flexible!

Whatever the type of path required for your initiative (simple, complex, multi-phase, direct, with or without intermediate verification, etc.) you can easily design the path for your audience.

Your users are guided step by step and progress through the necessary information repository.

Develop your creativity in using (document collection, registration, applications, appointment setting, calls for projects, online evaluations and much more.

Application form



Final delivery

Text & media

Electronic signature

Calendar and appointments

View and send

Views and charts to make the right decisions with confidence

Simplify your decision making with real-time visibility of all information.
Customizable tables allow everyone to view the right information.

Visualize from your platform all the information collected

Follow the evolution of your users' actions, visualize the information they deposit or enter in your journey, collaborate as a team and exchange information.

Conduct your selection committees or engage your audiences in your choices has several features to help you make decisive choices. Invite reviewers, organize selection committees, design public votes, add tags, etc.

Save time with automations

Focus on the most important tasks with these code-free automations. Forget about repetitive tasks. Avoid unitary actions by setting up customizable automations.

INFORMATION GATHERING PROCESS has several features to help you make decisive choices. Invite reviewers, organize selection committees, design public votes, add tags, etc.

Discover all the ways to use

Our customers use to manage a wide range of actions with efficiency

Education & Teaching

Manage more easily actions and programs for your students

Top Use cases:
Evaluations & reviews
File receptions

Application management

Centralize all applications on a dedicated portal and work collaboratively

Top Use cases:
Calls for projects
File receptions
Evaluations & reviews
Information collections

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Develop your innovation and entrepreneurship actions with a dedicated platform

Top Use cases:
Calls for projects
File receptions

Sponsorship & Philanthropy

Make your sponsorship and philanthropy activities more accessible to your publics

Top Use cases:
Calls for projects
Selection Committees

Design & manage
your initiatives from A to Z is simple to be adopted by any team, powerful for any process.


With, focus on your public interfaces and create an environment that enhances your actions and your brand image while providing an optimal user experience to your audiences.


From your portal, you can collect any type of information easily, create custom paths, add specific questions and steps and receive all the necessary information in a smooth and secure way.


Automate all repetitive tasks, based on your users' actions, send emails, sort applications, add tags, trigger actions. No more wasted time, you can focus on the essentials.


Collaborate as a team on all your initiatives, divide tasks, work asynchronously from wherever you want, add roles based on each person's rights and much more.


View the performance of your actions in real time, report effortlessly and adjust the sliders to maximize your efficiency. Our goal is to provide a service that is a real added value for you.


From your dedicated interface, view all the files and applications you have received, add tags, comments, create evaluation sessions and organize your work to maximize your impact.

Integrate with your other services
and design an incredible ecosystem

Design your optimal work organization

Collect qualitatively and efficiently all the information necessary for your initiative. Organize, sort, visualize and identify strong elements directly from the platform.

If you want to go even further (long-term project management, specific methodologies, etc.), then connect your platform with your everyday tools such as, Airtable, Jira, Trello, Excel and many more. is complementary to your existing work environment, start now!

Discover all the features that allows makes it easy to manage your programs by allowing an incredible experience to your audiences, your team and your partners.

Features that make your program more accessible to your publics

Dedicated presentation pages

Organize all your program information on a modern dedicated page. Present information in separate categories to share all your content

Account creation

The user creates an account, to complete his application in several sessions, continuing where he left off previously

Step-by-step process

The process is step by step in order to organize the collection of information and documents in a thematic way.

Automatic recording

All completed information is continuously recorded, field by field. If the user is disconnected, he doesn't lose informations

Confirmation messages

You can add messages and send notifications to the user to keep them informed of their progress or to confirm receipt of their application

Team participation

Activate team participation to allow the user to add contacts to the application. They complete the folder in a collaborative way

Information steps

Add information steps in your process to share content with the user to guide them across the process

Application status

With their account, users can access their personal space and consult the status of their application autonomously


Is your program international? Activate the multilingual option so that the user can complete his application in his favorite language

Features that save your team's time

Online access

Allow your team members to access all applications online. Everyone can consult the records and annotate them in a collaborative way


Invite your team members and assign them specific roles so that everyone has access to the right program. Easily pilot your team and manage permissions


Easily track the progress of your program and the applications collected with real-time KPIs and statistics.
Export the whole data in a click

Personalization of tables

Create your own tracking tables, add or reorganize columns according to the information you want to view. Easily follow the evolution of the different applications


Create dynamic filters to easily sort the different applications.
Choose the criteria, tag or progress level you want to view and save them

E-mail sending

Create emails with your branding, customize them with merge fields.

Send them directly from the platform


Create tags to qualify the collected applications. Choose a name and a color, then associate them with the application individually or in groups so you can sort them visually

Editing applications

Correct a spelling error before submitting a application to your committee or manually change information after an exchange with the applicant. Edit a file yourself


Export as an archive to collect individual folders containing completed information and attachments or as a spreadsheet, according to your needs

To do more...

Customized legal notices

Your platform, your users, your data, your rules! You can customize your portal's legal notices, according to your specific needs

Integrated messaging

Connect with your users by communicating with them more easily via the integrated messaging module

Validation steps

Stop a user's progress at a step to check the contents of their file. Give them access to the next steps or block them

Evaluation Sessions

Invite your partners and share the applications you have selected. In a secure workspace, they can rate the applications

Public Voting

Start public voting to create engagement with your communities. Promote your program and highlight the submissions received


Create a gallery of the collected applications, in a few clicks. Choose a title, an image and a description and create a presentation page


Focus on the most important tasks with no-code automation.
Forget about repetitive tasks


Connect your portal to other digital tools you already use to simplify your processes and improve your workflows

Statistics and monitoring

Keep track of each of your programs with a summary dashboard containing all the key figures. Stay informed in real time