Visualize all the information collected from your platform

Provide an intuitive and fluid experience for your users to collect information and files with ease.

Step-by-step form flow

Create a fully customized, step-by-step collection process that reflects your image.
You don't need any technical skills, just define the number of steps and choose between different types of steps to create a scenario that fits your program and your organization.

You can choose between different types of steps:

Form: create your form and collect all the required
Information: add text, image or video content to share information with your respondents (e.g. reminder of the conditions of participation before sending the application)
Validation: stop the respondent's progress in order to study their application and allow them to move forward in the process only if relevant (example: final submission, eligibility validation, etc.)

Account creation

People who want to register for your program create an account on your portal and activate it with their email address.
So users can complete the process at their own rhythm by returning to their record as many times as they need without losing any information.

Each time they log in, they are redirected to the last step they completed to continue where they left off.

Thanks to their personal workspace, users can consult the status of their application at anytime and can request the deletion of their information, to comply with the RGPD regulation.

Team participation

Activate team participation to allow users to invite members of their group on a same application.

No more sharing IDs and duplicates: you collect new contacts and allow them to complete a same session in a collaborative, transparent and secure way.

By making the record easier to access, you also improve the rate of complete records collected and simplify the experience for everyone. They won't forget it.

Notifications and reminders

Collecting files is only part of your program, you also need to connect, share and notify your users!
To do so, you can enable emailing from your portal and use the messaging built-in to each application.

Write dynamic emails by including custom fields, to transmit information such as the status of the file, reminders of deadlines or additional information about your actions.

Exchange and interact with your audience directly from the platform's integrated messaging space, to create connections and rich interactions. For example, you can ask questions to go further or allow your committee members to exchange securely with the applicant.

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