Views and charts to make the right decisions with confidence

Simplify your decision making with real-time visibility of all information.
Customizable tables allow everyone to display the right information.

Monitoring tables

View all the information collected on a spreadsheet shared with your team members and updated in real time.

No more Excel listings to share unsecured by email and that you have to update manually! Discover the spreadsheets of your platform where each new file collected is updated automatically and is accessible to everyone.

You can follow the progress of the applications in a visual way and detect the next tasks to complete.

Select multiple applications and start grouped actions in a click, such as: exporting applications, adding or deleting a tag or sending an email.

Search by criteria

Use dynamic searches based on the criteria of the files collected. Highlight relevant applications based on their level of progress, the answer to a question, a tag or a keyword in a paragraph.

Easily exclude or reject files that are incomplete or do not meet your program's eligibility requirements.

Identify relevant files by combining specific criteria using Boolean operators.

Custom views

Create sophisticated views by customizing the information you want to show: add columns to highlight information that is important to your team and hide information that is less important.

Save your searches by criteria and link them to a specific view to build the tracking tools you need.

Your program is unique, so your tracking tables should be too.


Easily track the progress of collected records by creating custom tags.

Create tags by giving them a name and a color so that you can easily find them and that all the members of your team stay focused on the follow-up of the files and the next actions to take.

Group collected files and sort them more easily by group with tags like: "Selected", "Complete file", "Rejected by committee" and many others. Add your different tags on the files individually, grouped or through an automation scenario.

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